G.Skill Trident Z DDr4 Memory

G.Skill Trident Z DDr4 Memory

G Skill encompasses a range of memory kits that span numerous DDR4 speeds, headlined by the Ripjaws V and trident Z series. There is a overlap between a pair both lines on what G.Skill considers to be premium speed memory. this being 2,800-3,733MHz - however the best possible modules are reserved for the Trident Z series of memory.

G Skill showed off the Trident Z modules operational at a masivily high speed of 4266MHz representing the speeds of memory in the pipeline. However what makes a lot of sense for the owners of either the Skylake or Haswell-E platforms is the DDR4 3000MHz G.Skill Memory.

And that's specifically what G.Skill is serving up in the Trident Z series. The F4-3000C15D-16GTZ is a prime example of the Trident Z Memory Family. It comes as a 16GB (2x8GB) pack.

If awards were distributed for look alone then G.Skill would be at the peak of the list. The Trident Z is a stunning looking module, with sharp angles and a premium, high-quality brushed finish. G.SKill have put a lot of thought into the heatspreader style that sets it apart from most other alternative high-end memory modules. Looks are important in this section of the memory market, as there is very little to differentiate the different company's PCB designs.

The entire Trident Z series shares the identical outward livery and it clearly does the business on recent motherboards that share the red-and-black combination. The Trident Z memory is angulate in sections and every memory module measures 40mm high.  The Trident Z memory modules may not be the smallest, but we have not had any issues mounting them under any CPU coolers, even the Noctua range of coolers.

The drive behind DDR4 memory has taken on revived importance since the launch of Intel's Skylake platform. able to operate DDR4 memory at high speeds. Due to Skylakes launch High speed DDR4 memory will start appearing in volume. Skylake is Intels desktop and mobile chipsets, that may offer jumpstart the pickup of higher speed DDR4 memory.

gskill trident z
G.Skill is hoping for this, as result of skylake G.Skill is going to take ramp up its production of high speed DDR4 memory, like the Trident Z. The Trident Z series will stretch from a quick 2800MHz to the blazing fast 4000MHz, nearly covering the whole spectrum of what's presently on the market.

If you have a new build in mind, then the Trident Z range of memory from G.Skill offers a large choice of well designed memory. Coming in a full range of speeds, to suit any budget.